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Sumtimes I wish I had friends & siblings like people have in the movies…..#onlychild


I like dick but I love head……vibe wit me

I want you next to me, in my bed, your clothes making friends with my floor. Love me hard enough so we wake up the neighbors.

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Endomorph for the win

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What a day in the life of a Black man in America is really like

Most people have never imagined what life is like for a black man. While only black men can truly know that experience, it shouldn’t stop others from working to understand it. What follows is a snapshot of how systems of prejudice influence the thoughts, words and actions of African-American men each day.

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Chronicle Moments 9/6/14

My first taste of pussy……omg…….so I finally got to experience what its like to eat pussy and have woman devoure my pussy…….in addition to watchin my man fuck another chick in front of me Wow so many emotions I cant even Explain……let’s see first it was like watchin a porno live ya digg…… I was like how should I feel but it kinda of turn me on then I was like is her pussy better then mine ……..then that feelin faded im human. ……. She was suckin his dick so sloppy I was like get it…….then she really couldn’t take the dick and eat my pussy at the same damn time unless I rode her face♡♡♡…….I like pussy and I like big booty chicks…….I also was thinking or feelin like sumthin was goin to change the dynamic of our relationship but it didn’t……..this is definitely a new chapter in my lyfe…..vibe wit me☆☆☆☆☆


Cole just be blessing niggas wit’ errythang

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God bless him.

Yes! One of my many issues with religions!

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Call me Satisfaction….

Call me Satisfaction….


Toady I am filled with so many emotions I can’t distinguish between my thoughts and reality mental chaos and physical chaos……self sabotage is evident……decades of abuse affect the present moments years of therapy needed to be able to cope or be functional without past demons creepin up unbeknownst to the soul…..random thoughts